Red Eye and Emergencies

If you have a red eye or emergency, don’t wait until Friday afternoon. Please. By law, red eyes require daily follow-ups and we can only assume you don’t want to be hanging with an eye doctor on Saturday and Sunday. 

When you first notice a red eye on you, your spouse or your child, please call us. We’ll ask a few questions and then we’ll either schedule you for an appointment or Dr. Ephraim will call you back and ask more questions. Don’t be shy. It’s our job and we’re happy to help. 

If Dr. Ephraim decides your situation is beyond his level of expertise, he will promptly refer you to a great ophthalmologist and we’ll help you get an appointment ASAP. Our ophthalmologists regularly update Dr. Ephraim with diagnoses and treatment plans for our patients and we add those notes to your medical records in our office.  

Important: If you come to the office for a red eye or emergency visit, bring your medical insurance card.  Red eyes and emergencies are not covered by vision insurance, but we will happily bill your medical insurance.