Insurance and Payment

During your exam, our optical staff will look over your insurance. If you need glasses, we will happily explain your benefits and eligibility. The beauty about vision insurance is that it’s a wellness benefit. It is unlike health insurance, as you won’t be penalized for using it. This benefit is like finding a platter of free holiday cookies in the break room: Yours for the taking, but if you don’t act it will disappear until next year. We hate to see people not use their benefits because of inaccurate (yet logical) assumptions. 

The really fun part of vision insurance is that you can get an incredible frame at an incredible discount. For example, if your frame allowance is $150, you can get a beautiful $300 designer frame for only $150. Usually, insurances offer even more discounts on frame overages, so your cost could be even less. Ask us how to get the most from your vision benefits and we’ll have a good time shopping with you. 

Our payment policy is as follows: You can pay for everything when you order it, or you can pay 50 percent when you place your order and the balance when you pick up your products. 

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Starbucks gift cards (kidding about the last one). 

Vision Insurance:

Health Insurance:
United Health Care
Blue Cross Blue Shield