What brands do you carry?

Kate Spade
Tory Burch
Wiley X 
… and more

What is AR coating? Do I need it?

Everyone in our office is a big fan of anti-reflective (AR) coating, but it's not a great option for all situations. AR provides a lot of vision benefits, but the downside is that the lenses require regular cleanings. AR coated lenses show smudges, dirt and dust more than lenses that aren't treated, so if you can't commit to keeping the lenses clean, then we suggest skipping AR. You will save money and you won't be missing anything. Win, win.  

However, if you are looking for a bump in crisp, clear vision, we recommend AR. It really is fantastic.

What frames and lenses should my kids get?

When it comes to frames, it depends on the child, but we do recommend choosing a frame with a good warranty. We have a nice selection of child, youth and small adult frames to choose from.  

We recommend polycarbonate lenses for all children. Polycarb lenses are stronger than regular lenses, which makes them an ideal choice in the event of an accident or injury.