Frame and Lens Selection

When you’re finished with Dr. Ephraim, you’re invited to our optical for frame and lens selection. We have a wide variety of brands and price points to choose from. Our staff will help you select a frame that is most compatible with your prescription. Not all frames are suitable for every prescription, so we are here to help make sure you get the most from your prescription and eyeglasses. 

After selecting your frame, you’ll be given choices about lenses. We recommend that kids get polycarbonate lenses, as they are safest in the event of an accident or injury. Common patient-requested upgrades include hi-index lenses and anti-reflective coating. We don’t recommend lens upgrades for everyone, but there are some instances where people will truly benefit from a higher quality lens and coating. We’re happy to explain the pros and cons of each upgrade to aid in your decision. 

Our goal is to provide glasses that fit seamlessly into your life by offering optimal vision and a flattering appearance. Who doesn’t want to be really, really ridiculously good looking?  

Our best-selling brands:
Tory Burch
Kate Spade

Are you looking for a specific brand?  Let us know and we'll look into it for our office.