How long does a comprehensive exam take?

A full comprehensive exam with dilation will take approximately one hour. Dr. Ephraim will spend 30 minutes with you to perform the exam and then you’ll be dilated. It takes 20-25 minutes for dilation drops to be fully effective, and during this time you can go to the optical to pick out frames, grab a cup of coffee, etc. One person even power napped on our chairs; we were all impressed. After your eyes are dilated, you’ll go back to the exam room for about five minutes so Dr. Ephraim can complete the exam. Then you’re on your way.

What is dilation and why do I need it?

Dilation got a bad rap somewhere along the way. People seem to think it’s a serious procedure, when it’s actually just a mild inconvenience of not being able to read for a few hours. David’s wife was dilated daily when he practiced techniques in optometry school and she lived to tell the tale.

In short, it involves putting one drop in each eye and waiting 20-25 minutes for the drops to take effect.  The drops increase the size of your pupils, which allows the doctor to get a more accurate prescription and a better internal view of your eyes. It’s an important part of the exam because issues like scars, holes and freckles can be hiding behind a non-dilated eye; if those issues aren’t addressed early, it could lead to more complicated eye health problems down the road. We all want to avoid vision loss, right? Get dilated. It’s free.

Dilation usually wears off two to four hours after receiving the drops.

Can I drive after being dilated?

While most people are fine to drive after dilation, some people experience sensitivity to light. We provide disposable sunglasses (very chic) if you don't have your own sunglasses to use. If you've never been dilated and are sensitive to light prior to dilation, we encourage you to bring a friend who can drive you home afterward.