Contact Lens Fitting and Follow-up

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses we will generate a fancy picture of your eye using our topographer. This machine creates a map of the surface of your eye, which allows Dr. Ephraim to know exactly what type and size of contact lens would be best suited to your unique eyes. Some doctors fit every patient in the same lens brand, but Dr. Ephraim uses new technology to fit lenses that will increase your comfort, vision and eye health. 

We have a massive inventory of sample contact lenses to try on your eyes. Occasionally we’ll have to order trial lenses, and if that’s the case you’ll have to make an extra trip to our office; a bit inconvenient, but at least we’re nice and there's free coffee. Once you and Dr. Ephraim are happy with the same lenses, you’re given a weeks worth of trial lenses. Dr. Ephraim will ask you to wear the lenses every day for a week and then come back to the office for a quick (and free) checkup. The purpose of this check up is to make sure the lenses are fitting properly and to make sure you’re happy with the comfort and vision. If changes need to be made, you’ll be fit again with a different lens and asked to do another week of trial wear. This is also no charge to you. If you request a third contact lens fitting appointment and follow-up, you’ll be responsible for a fitting fee charge.  

After the lens is selected, Dr. Ephraim or our staff will teach you the art of insertion and removal. Some people have a tough time, but we have a 100 percent success rate with people who put forth the effort and take our instructions to heart.

When you’re ready to order contact lenses, you can do that in our optical. Dr. Ephraim approves patients for a year’s supply of contact lenses and manufacturer rebates are usually available. Interesting tidbit: Our contact lens prices are the same as 1-800-Contacts. Really. Also, if you purchase a yearly supply of lenses we will ship them to you for free.