Comprehensive Exam

Before your appointment you'll be asked to fill out some forms. You can do this online prior to your appointment or when you arrive at the office. The reason for the form is to give you a chance to note important health issues and any questions you might have. Dr. Ephraim will review the form and then make sure to address your concerns.  

Many people think an appointment at the optometrist is just getting a new prescription, but Dr. Ephraim gives your eye a full physical. He is adamant about the importance of dilation and considers it to be a vital part of the exam. Dr. Ephraim is working hard to educate his patients about the importance of a dilated exam and to eliminate the stigma that seems to surround it.  

During a comprehensive exam, Dr. Ephraim will examine the surface and interior of your eyes. He will assess your vision, ocular focus, eye alignment, depth perception, color vision and ocular health.  

Eyes are important organs and Dr. Ephraim's goal is preventative care. Your eyes are his priority.  

Please bring your current vision and medical insurance cards to our office so we can update your information. If you have any questions or concerns about your current vision plan, please call us at 301-942-2221.