Summer is here. That means trips to the beach or pool, bike rides, camping, and many more outdoor activities that put you right in harm's way form UV rays. While everyone always thinks to protect their skin from the sun, many people forget about their eyes. 

  • 47% of sunglass wearers do not check UV ratings before making a purchase. Always buy sunglasses labeled "UV400" or "100% UV Protection." 
  • Some drugs and medical conditions can make people more photosensitive, or vulnerable to UV damage. This can include some skin creams, antibiotics, cataracts, and light colored eyes.
  • 53% of people mistakenly believe that sunglasses with darker lenses provide better eye protection. 
  • 54% of adults have light colored eyes, and 68% of of them don't know light eyes are more photosensitive. 
  • 83% of people agree that you should wear sunglasses when it's overcast, but only 17% of people actually do. 

Some studies have shown that UV rays may be tied to:

  • Cataracts (clouding of the lens that causes blindness)
  • Eye cancer (uveal melanoma)
  • Photokeratitis (temporary sun blindness)
  • Pterygium (a growth on the eye)

So, protect your eyes this summer!