Hello, everyone! As you know, I'm Dana and I'm the social media specialist for Dr.Ephraim. You may remember me from my contact lens review blog post. As a veteran contact lens-wearer, I rarely wear glasses unless it's bedtime or I'm sick. I just prefer contacts over frames. That being said, I thought it was time I check out some different frames options and see what happened from there. Over the next few weeks, I'll review various frames I wear, the feedback I got about them, how I felt in them, and a little about the brand. 

Dr.Ephraim suggested trying various shapes, frame types, and brands to see what I would like best. My first pair were made by ProDesign Denmark. At first glance, theses frames reminded me of wood - which I think is the point of the design. The feel of the frames were very rustic to me, which was surprising when I started to research the brand more. They are a very innovative company that is devoted to understanding the face. Regardless, the glasses intrigued more so because they are very different than what I would usually gravitate towards.

Upon putting the frames on, I was pleasantly surprised. They felt very large on my face, however extremely lightweight. Which makes sense. ProDesign prides itself in having a deep of optician's procedures, so creating light, durable frames while also offering comfort and personality falls in to that. 

Considering this was one of the first days I had ever worn glasses to work, my nerves were high. It's always awkward when you do something outside your comfort zone. My worries were definitely misplaced. People raved about these frames. They loved the design. One co-worker said (of the woodgrain pattern) "I just want to put those on and go build something out of wood." Not sure what he meant by that, but I took it as a compliment. I even had a few people ask to try them on to see what they would look like on their face. 

At the end of the day, my eyes felt so much better than they do in contacts, understandably. It's always smart to give your eyes a break now and then. I was not only happy with how these glasses felt, but the reception I got from them. I explored ProDesign Denmark's other collections and designs, and saw their glasses carry such a personality with them. They are bright, clean, and simple. I think they offer a little something for everyone.

Stay tuned. Next week I review a pretty bold pair of frames and the outcome might surprise you. 


ProDesign frames are available is Dr.Ephraim's office.