Next up for our frame reviews is Brooklyn Spectacles. What I love about this brand is the grassroots feel it has. They have created a brand that seems as if you stumbled upon this diamond in the rough in Brooklyn and you're in on the secret gold mine they offer. Brooklyn Spectacles declares the heart of Brooklyn beats in every pair of their frames. I've never been to Brooklyn, but that made the pair of frames feel a little bit more cool. Brooklyn Spectacles was launched in 2012 by a team of eyewear industry experts. They've created an independent brand that embraces the community of Brooklyn.

When I first saw these frames I squealed with excitement. After gaining confidence from my bold Tory Burch frames, I was ready to try some fun new colors by the time these came my way. The color is what excited me the most. The frames were a navy blue/indigo color and I thought the shade would be really flattering on my face. It was unlike any of color I had seen in frames before. I felt like they were fun, but not too crazy.

Once I put the glasses on though, I was slightly disappointed. The color was absolutely gorgeous and I loved that about the frames. They were comfortable and easy to see out of. I felt like they fit my face/head to a tee and I didn't need to adjust them at all. You can tell the designers take fit very seriously in the design aspects. I think the downside of these are the shape. For my face shape, I didn't think they were the most flattering.

My current pair of glasses are Brooklyn Spectacles, but they are less boxy and more round. I'm still dying to have glasses this color though (look how much I've grown!) and if Brooklyn Spectacles has other frames in this color I will be all over it. 

I think this review all boils down to the fact that you need to find the right frame shape for your face and it's always best to try on glasses, because just like clothes, they look different with no one wearing them. 

Brooklyn Spectacles are available at Dr.Ephraim's office.