In honor of Dr.Ephraim's birthday, we'd like to share 15 things you probably didn't know about him:

  1. He despises ketchup
  2. If he wins the lottery he wants to buy the Orioles
  3. He was a catcher on his college baseball team
  4. He does not enjoy reading
  5. He washes his truck every Sunday 
  6. He wants to learn how to sail
  7. He graduated optometry school with highest honors
  8. He has a metal plate in his forearm because of an accident while repelling out of a tree 
  9. He moved around the country six times in 12 months during his rotation year
  10. His favorite desert is creme brûlée 
  11. He will only eat hot dogs with mustard and relish
  12. He is a craft beer enthusiast
  13. Once a week he takes his son out to breakfast before school
  14. His favorite historical figure is John D. Rockefeller
  15. He like MotoGP motorcycle racing

Happy birthday, Dr.Ephraim!