Breaking glasses can be frustrating and expensive, not to mention annoying. Some people only have one pair, so if those break they are out of luck. We came across some great tips on keeping your glasses (and your sanity) in one piece. 

1. Keep them in a case when they’re not on your face. It may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your glasses in a case when you’re not wearing them is one of the surest ways you can prevent your frames or lenses from breaking. 

2. Check your seat before you sit. Many, many glasses breakages are a result of being sat on. Look before you sit on a couch, recliner, or vehicle seat, and you may save yourself from having to buy a new pair of frames.

3. Take them off; don’t pull them off. Pulling glasses off your face using one side of the frame can bend the frame and wear out the screws and hinges. Instead, you should take them off by pulling them at the nose bridge or using a hand on both sides of the frame to remove them.

4. Beat the heat and avoid the cold. Just as with other materials, extreme temperatures can weaken the frame and make it more susceptible to damage. Don’t leave your glasses in your car on hot summer days and cold winter nights.

5. Loose screws are a recipe for disaster. Keep a small screwdriver on hand and periodically tighten the screws on your frames to give your frames longer life. 

6. Change your frames to fit your game. If you workout often or play sports and must wear glasses while doing so, consider purchasing a pair of sports eyewear. These glasses are designed specifically for sports and protect your eyes as well as resist impact. If you don’t play sports but consistently break your glasses, look into frames made out of memory metal. These frames are made out of an alloy that can be bent and twisted but pop back into shape! Talk to your eye doctor about these options if you are interested.