Polarization is a technology certain sunglasses offer that eliminate harmful light that is caused by glare. Polarized glasses contain vertically polarized filters that encounter these reflections from car windows, snow, pavements, and water. Polarized glasses have been used for decades by people who want much clearer and crisper vision in bright sunlight.

Some of the benefits of polarize glasses:

Glare reduction: Polarized lenses improve visibility as they reduce or remove glare. 

Reduced eye stress: Since harmful light rays are blocked and what you see is enhanced, your eyes will not have as much work to do. 

Better contrast: Because glare is blocked, contrast is enhanced and this results in better safety for outdoor activities. 

Enhances clarity: Better contrast, reduced glare and less stress result in clarity overall. 

Color perception: Polarized lenses enhance color perception and colors appear bolder and brighter. 

Light sensitivities: Polarized lenses reduce the strain of digital devices. 

UV ray protection: When you wear sunglasses or goggles with polarized lenses, your eyes are virtually 100% protected from UVA and UVB rays. 

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