Have you ever wondered what tears are made of? Why they taste so salty? What they are good for? Well, tears keep our eyes moist, wash away debris, and protect your eyes from infections. Tears can blur your vision, but without them, things would look even blurrier. 

There are three kinds of tears:

Basal (basic tears): The eyes roll around them all day. Contain oil, mucus, water, and salt, and help to fight infections. The oil keeps your tears in place and prevents them from evaporating into the atmosphere. Blinking spreads them evenly over the surface of the eye. 

Irritant (eyewash tears: Come gushing out f glands under the eyebrows when you peel onions, vomit, or get dust in your eye.

Psychic tears: Gush in response to strong emotions like sadness, grief, joy or anger. Contain more hormones and natural painkillers than other tears.