Earth Day is rapidly approaching, so we want to share some of the changes we’ve made in our office over the past year and a half. From going paperless and finding eco-friendly frame lines to choosing eco-friendly materials for our new office, we have been making a conscience effort to do our part.

The first change we made was implementing electronic health records software. We have been slowly phasing out paper and by 2016 we hope to be 100% paper-free. This software allows us to email and text patients their appointment reminders, as well as provide our patients with a Patient Portal where records are available online. We still send out yearly postcard reminders, but the paper we now use is recycled.

The first eco-friendly frames we brought into the office is a line called ECO. From the company’s website, "ECO is the only eyewear brand made of 95% recycled content and 64% biobased material. A tree is planted for every frame sold.” Additionally, ECO’s parent company, MODO, has a “Buy a Frame Give a Frame” program. For each MODO frame purchased, they will donate a frame to those in need as part of the World Health Organization Vision 2020 initiative. We are excited to offer MODO frames in a couple of months and will announce the arrival on our social media accounts. Keep an eye out!

Our new office will be ready to welcome patients this summer, and in our search for materials we are sourcing eco-friendly products for lights and flooring. We also plan to introduce new, independent frame lines. These artists make frames by hand and some use interesting materials like paper and wood. We're doing our part to ensure our planet is taken care, and you should too!