Have you had a comprehensive dilated eye exam recently? If not, you need to schedule one ASAP. We definitely recommend getting them regularly. We've noticed not many patients are familiar with what they are, and don't want to deal with getting their eyes dilated. 

Why it's important:
Comprehensive dilated eye exams can uncover eye diseases you didn't know you had. Most common eye diseases go undetected for years with virtually no symptoms. A comprehensive dilated eye exam allows us to see any problems with the eyes you may not be aware of. Without the exam, we won't be able to discover or treat any issues that may arise. 

The difference between a comprehensive dilated eye exam and vision screening:
Odds are, your typical doctor visit results in an ordinary vision screening. If you've gotten fitted for eye glasses or contact lenses, your eye doctor will have tested your vision to find the best prescription for you.

However, in a vision screening, your doctor usually doesn't add dilating drops to your eyes. These drops allow him or her to look in the back of you eye, at the retina and nerves to pick up on any diseases.