Winter sure can be pretty to look at. The snow blanketing the ground and turning everything white. Christmas lights and holiday decorations everywhere. Sure, it's cold, but you can deal. Yes winter is beautiful, but it can be not-so-beautiful for your eyes. Winter comes will a whole slew of eye-related problems.

Dry Eyes. Winter air is often dry, and even more so when we turn up the heat to warm up. If you notice your eyes becoming dry, itchy, or red, consider getting a humidifier for your home to alleviate the irritation.  You can also use artificial tear drops, but be sure not to overuse them. If you have questions about the best brands or use, talk to Dr.Ephraim.

Contacts. The dry air of winter makes wearing contacts for longer periods of time even more difficult. This is when we recommend giving your eyes a break and wearing glasses or using artificial tears. Again, please don't overuse these. If your contacts become a constant issue, visit our office and we can help you out.   

UV damage. Even in winter, days are still sunny, and require UV protection just as much as a day at the beach. The reflection of sunlight off of a recent snowfall can also cause serious glare. Be sure to wear sunglasses on these days to not only protect your eyes, but also to ensure that you can still see properly.

Forgetting traveling necessities. If you’ll be traveling soon, be sure not to forget your glasses, contact solution, or anything you might need to properly care for your eyes. Make a list of everything you use daily or during a week, and be sure to double-check you’ve packed it all before you leave.