Hi, all. My name is Dana Schield and I am Dr. Ephraim’s social media specialist. You’ve seen blog posts from me over the past few months, but never in first-person. Today, I’d like to share my experience with contact lenses and (hopefully) educate lens wearers on their options.


I am 27 years old and have been wearing contacts since I was 13. For the past 14 years, I have been a loyal Acuvue Oasys wearer. 14 years is a long time. These are the contacts I learned how to wear contacts in. The contacts I fumbled around when I was 13 and cried like a baby to my mom when I couldn’t get them on my eye and declared, “I’ll just wear glasses forever.” Obviously, I got the hang of it and have been wearing the two-week disposables ever since.

I spend a lot of time on the computer and I’m very active. I spend my day’s online working and my night’s kickboxing. When I started kickboxing, I noticed it was hard for my eyes to focus during class because they were so dry.  I talked to Dr. Ephraim about my issues and he asked if I had ever tried daily contacts. I hadn’t so he fit my eyes in various brands for me to try. As someone who was dedicated to my contact brand and never saw the benefit of dailies, I wanted to share my experience with each type I tried, the pros and the cons, and hopefully encourage you to explore other options.

My contact lens package contained a few different brands for me to wear, some I had heard of and some I hadn’t. One brand I was familiar with was Acuvue. I had heard about their 1-Day contacts and distinctly remember being annoyed by their commercials.

I tried the Alcon Total One’s first simply because I liked the box and wanted to save the Acuvues for last. In short, I wasn’t impressed with my first bought with daily contacts. The Alcon were good contacts, but because my eyes were prone to dryness they felt extremely dry in them all day.

Next I tried Proclear, These were decent contacts. They didn’t feel dry, were easy to put in and my eyes didn’t take too long to adjust to them. They started to feel dry towards the end of the day, but overall were good contacts.

After Proclear I tried BioTrue. I was looking forward to these because I had tried their solution before and really liked it, but I was really disappointed. On my eyes, the contacts were dry all day and never felt comfortable. Those of you that wear contacts, you know you don’t want to feel your contacts on your eye and I was aware of them all day. I think these are really good contacts, but since my eyes already dry, I think they were just a bad fit for me.

I’m glad I saved the Acuvue 1-Day’s for last because I liked them the most. They reminded me of my two-week contacts but I had the luxury of tossing them at the end of the day. They didn’t get dry and reminded me of the contacts I’ve worn my whole life.


After my long trial run with dailies, I told Dr. Ephraim I think I just want to stick with what I know for now, my Acuvue Oasys two-weekers. He obliged, even though he had made his love for daily contacts known to me.

I should have listened to Dr. Ephraim.  He asked me to give dailies one more shot and had me try a new brand called Bausch and Lomb Ultra. I LOVE these contacts. They were super easy to put in and my eyes adjusted to them immediately. I felt like I wasn’t wearing contacts. I wore them for nearly 15 hours, through working on the computer, running outside with the dog and kickboxing class, and they stayed comfortable. They never dried out and didn’t feel like any of the other dailies at all.  I never reached the point at night where I really wanted to take out my lenses. With Acuvue Oasys two-weekers I regularly reached that point around 9p.m. , and I pushed these until nearly midnight.

For those of you who have worn contacts a long time and feel the brand or type you have always worn isn’t right for you, I urge you to talk to Dr. Ephraim about your options. The contact lens field is constantly evolving and there may be something better for your eyes that you don’t even know about.  There are so many factors that can be tweaked to make your lens experience better. Prescription, cornea shape and age can limit options for some people, but if you’re currently unhappy (or curious) it doesn’t hurt to ask.”