I hope this August has been a nice end to summer for you and your families. With back-to-school happening soon I wanted to use this blog entry to stress the importance of pediatric eye exams. 

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for learning delays and learning disabilities to be directly tied to untreated vision impairments. Schools do a great job of attempting to screen severe cases, but it's also a good idea to have a full eye work up with an eye doctor who will examine the health of your child's eyes. This ensures that your child is starting the school year with optimal vision and gives you (and me) peace of mind that their eyes are healthy and developing nicely. There's no acceptable reason for children to have their education hindered because of undiagnosed vision impairments or eye health issues. 

My pediatric exams include color vision testing, eye alignment, visual acuity, depth perception, dilation and iWellness. All of these tests except iWellness are included in a standard exam cost. 

iWellness is performed using a state-of-the-art OCT, which is a powerful tool used in ophthalmology and medically-oriented optometry offices. For the purpose of pediatric exams, iWellness will look for internal retinal pathologies. 

As a parent I understand that being referred to an ophthalmology office for screening is difficult to accomplish with kids and their schedules, so I invested in this piece of equipment to do the initial scans in my office. If the results detect an issue I will refer patients out, but doing the screening in my office saves patients a trip to another doctor when we aren't even sure if there's a problem yet. Should we detect an issue, your records and iWellness results will be sent to the ophthalmologist to avoid repeating this test in their office. You are also welcome to have copies for your own records. 

iWellness is $39.99.  We do our best to be up front about costs and you have every right to decline iWellness, but I strongly believe in preventative care, especially when it comes to developing children. If your child is already under the care of an ophthalmologist, please have their records sent to our office to avoid any repeat testing.