With summertime comes the long-expected (and most likely well-needed) summer vacation. For some, this is lounging by the pool every day and sleeping in late. For others, this means traveling.

Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s for making sure your eyes enjoy the vacation as well.

Do: Double your pairs and pack your backups.

If you wear glasses, bring two pairs of glasses on every trip. Similarly, if you wear contacts, bring an extra pair – and your glasses.

Don’t: Wait to see an eye doctor.

Although it may be tempting, don't wait until you get home if you feel something is "off" with your eyes. Immediate treatment of small problems keeps them small. Find a local doctor that can treat you.

Do: Prepare for dry eyes.

Everyone's eyes dry out on airplanes. Take out your contacts if you are going to sleep for several hours or bring over-the-counter drops (preferably preservative-free) to lubricate your eyes.

Don’t: Use water to clean your contacts.

Always travel with your contact lens case in your carry-on, and two bottles of contact lens solution. If one opens and spills, you have a backup. If your eyes feel uncomfortable, take your contacts out and put them in sterile contact lens solution in their case – not a cup. Never store your contacts in water – water isn’t sterile and in some countries, it may even have bacteria that can cause serious eye infections.

Do: Stock up on prescription drops.

If you use prescription eye drops, be sure to bring extra unopened bottles with you.

Don’t: Ignore changes in your vision.

Just because it isn't painful doesn't mean it isn't serious.

Do: Enjoy your travels!

Take care of your eyes while you’re traveling to ensure you can get the most out of your vacation.